Shut the Fucupcakes

“I’d eat healthy but everything tastes so bland. I need flavour.”

I had heard this, or similar phrases, long enough. I was sick of it. It infuriated me. Healthy eating has never been about denying yourself good tasting things. It’s about educating yourself on how to make tasty things with healthier ingredients. Sigh. I swear some days I’d be better off just smashing my head against the wall repeatedly. Continue reading

Recipe – A Piece of Tail

So many things in this life are subjective.

It wasn’t too long ago I was enjoying some downtime on a lowsec terrestrial world. This particular world was only about 30% water based which left for a thin atmosphere and given its far proximity from the system’s sun, most natural water bodies were frozen most of the year.

One evening I paid an unbelievable amount of ISK for a local delicacy, something I would’ve paid ten times less for on a more bountiful planet. Supply and demand at its best. I only hoped it tasted worth the price.

It did. Continue reading

Lentil Loaf

Meat is good. Never doubt that. Something I learned being raised amongst the Amarr aristocracy, however, was how very easy it could be to give into excess and gluttony. So many overweight, out of shape, vain, fat Amarr. I sometimes wonder how they ever managed to enslave us in the first place. Anywho …

Live a balanced life, even if it’s an immortal one.  Continue reading

Ho Cakes

“You hungry, handsome?” she said to me the morning after as my bleary eyes tried to focus.

“Sure thing. Hoe cakes.” I replied, still trying to get my mouth to enunciate properly.

“What did you just say?” she quipped back, a hint of anger in her voice.

I rubbed my eyes, sitting up in my narrow bed. That had been a fun night’s adventure. “I said yeah, I’m hungry. Please make some hoe cakes.”

“Oh.” she answered, all cheery again.

Sometimes it was good to play all innocent. Continue reading