Roc Music

Before immortality, a boy.

Retired Matar Colonel Roc Wieler reflects emotionally on the turn of tragic events that tore him from his boyhood home and thrust him onto his epic adventure as a capsuleer.

Dark and provocative, this emotional masterpiece is sure to pull at the heart strings.

A dark, science fiction, ambient soundtrack to set the tone for your Eve Online experience. Thirteen tracks spanning over one hour of haunting, eclectic compositions, designed to immerse your game play further, pulling you into the harsh, beautiful universe of Eve Online.

Each track is named after different regions within New Eden, but the same unforgiving undertone permeates the entire score.

There is no hope. There is only profit.

You spoke. Roc listened!

Heading back to Club Mendre within the Gallente Federation, DJ Roc has returned with another epic club album!Over one hour of high energy, high intensity dance music to keep you moving and singing all night long!

YC 113
Roc Wieler’s orchestral opus to New Eden!Nearly two hours of epic tracks to illustrate the Incursions expansion from the game EVE Online.

How does a retired Matar Colonel, seeking his long, lost, forbidden love find himself as a forerunner to the Sansha Nation invasion of New Eden? How does he warn the Empires, uniting them into a single assault fleet to meet this terrifying enemy head on? How is he mourned when he sacrifices himself in order to push back the enemy’s flagship, and what effect will that have on the future of New Eden?

Find out in YC 113!

The Gallente Federation, known for its propensity for excess and luxury was the perfect catalyst for Roc Wieler to venture into the musical genre of Dance & Club. The Mendre Dancers of the Sovicou District are delectable creatures of legend – and DJ Roc was there at the Grand Opening extravaganza for Club Mendre!Pulsating rhythms, ball shaking bass, more sexy ladies gyrating than you can swing your genitals at, Mendre is an album born of lust and indulgence. Enjoy!
The follow up to hit CD Bio!Roc Wieler and the TLF Marching Band play a LIVE concert to over 20,000 screaming fans in the soldout  Otro Gariushi stadium on Jita IV! Powerful guitars, haunting lyrics and melodies, a ravenous crowd that demands two encores – all this and more is yours in One Night of Roc!
The album that started it all!A soft, atmospheric soundtrack, detailing through music the early years of Roc Wieler’s time within New Eden. Self awareness, heartache, immortal rebirth, conflict, victory, and more await you within this original composition!
*** all albums are available from over 32 online digital distributors. Amazon is the default link on each album. If you prefer iTunes, or another digital distributor, please search for Roc Wieler on their respective websites. ***

Free Music

An epic mini-album dedicated to my corpmates in Stay Frosty. Some would consider us pirates, other freedom fighters, others simply call us “Get the hell out of our system!”Whatever your personal taste, my friends, Stay Frosty.
This time the Stay Frosty gang find themselves ripped through time! What does that mean? What is the story? That is for you to define!A much darker take on New Eden than Roc has ever done before!
Want to hear some more before buying? Once again, good ol’ Roc is thinking of you! Roc has his own stream where you can get an idea of his style with over 40 different tracks to choose from! Head on over and let your ears feast!
Want to hear some of Roc’s full albums for free? Pesky 30 second clips sometimes don’t do justice to the artist, so Roc has uploaded entire tracks from the albums to Groove Shark!

9 responses to “Roc Music

  1. hey man, I bought YC 113 last year when it came out, and its awesome, but how come the copy i got from iTunes is 37 songs, whilst the version on amazon is 36? The one song i have that amazon doesn’t is “Caldari State Protectorate” which is pretty much my favorite song..

    • That is … odd. I’m going to assume it’s a listing error. There is only one version of the album.

      I will follow up. Thanks.

      Sent from my iPhone. Attachments may not be downloaded. Thank you.

  2. When will “Stay Frosty” come out on iTunes or Amazon Germany? I would like to buy it. Great Album

  3. Hi Roc, I heard a piece of your music on YouTube where somebody had used it against another artist! I shazamed it and discovered you – the piece of music was Path to Freedom from Bio. It was brilliant – moody, dramatic, epic – like a film soundtrack – then I discover that you compose music for film and game soundtracks – so I was a good judge. So I would like to download some of your music. But I don’t want to use iTunes (because I can’t use Apple on my phone) or Amazon because I don’t want the music left in a cloud. Can you recommend a site where I can physically download the files (paid for of course 🙂 )

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