Guilt Free Chocolate Fudge Cake

“You made this?” she squealed, her lips wrapped around the fork, sucking every morsel from it. Her eyes danced with a mischievous sparkle as she stared at me in wonder.

“I did.” I replied, taking the humble approach. Nobody liked a braggart after all.

“There’s no way this is healthy.” she replied, taking another mouthful, her eyes still afire. I merely shrugged, a lopsided smirk on my face.

“Either way,” I began, “You’re going to have to work off those calories.” I said in my most seductive voice possible, my eyes boring into her as I began to take off my shirt.

She looked between me and the cake a few times, finally putting the fork down. She was young and attractive, and I knew some that would’ve felt a twinge of guilt at seducing one so inexperienced in life, but as the title says, this cake is guilt free. Continue reading

Greek Protein Yogurt Popsicles

To some of you ladies, the idea of mixing a beverage with yogurt and freezing it sounds ridiculously simple. I get that. What you may be failing to visualize, however, is a gathered crew of brave Minmatar aboard a Stabber class cruiser, deep in lowsec, enjoying that same treat they prepared with their own hands. The other visual, of course, is how absolutely hilarious that was to see with my own two eyes. Continue reading

OOC: Super Awesome Super Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Goodbye Cookies for Marcus

“OMG these are good, Steph.” I said, completely overwhelmed with emotion on my last day at TAG Idea Revolution. You wouldn’t have known it had you worked with me. I had always been the full wall of professionalism in all I did. Well, ok, maybe I had started out that way and slowly devolved to half wall with many of my coworkers, but still I was known for my black and white view on things, my adherence and love of process, and my professionalism. That, and causal Friday Superman TShirts. Continue reading

Quickie Berry Cobbler

“You won’t post it. It’s not healthy.” she said. I immediately thought back to things like the Stuffed Camel recipe. That wasn’t exactly healthy either, but what a night that turned out to be.

“It doesn’t always have to be about good health. Some people enjoy cheat meals.” I replied.

“Not you. You’re too disciplined for that.” she rebutted without hesitation. She was right. Discipline was definitely the facade I maintained to others. The truth was fear. I knew that if I indulged even once that my willpower would cave and I would eat everything in sight. I had convinced my brain ages ago it was simply easier to not indulge at all.

“It’s a nice looking cobbler. They’ll thank you for it.” I smirked, knowing she hated any type of spotlight whatsoever.

“We’ll see.” she smirked back, a slight smolder in her eyes.

Continue reading

Healthy Donuts

I started my rehearsed introduction as I smiled, lifting the plate of donuts up slowly as I spoke, “Today I’d like to show you how to make …”

“Oh c’mon!” someone in the audience screamed. “Healthy donuts? Seriously? Gimme a break, Roc!”

I awoke abruptly, concerned by the dream. Why was I on a cooking show? Why was someone badmouthing me? Why wasn’t I throwing donuts at him? Continue reading