New Album: Reborn

“That’s just how it is!” I laughed, raising my glass high, precious beer spilling over the sides as my drunken hand tried to stabilize the effort. The cheers resounded around the bar, and we commenced in the smashing of our glasses, one against the other, until every glass had knocked every other. Only then did we drink.

It had been a night of reminiscing, a night of fun, a night devoid of any seriousness or deep thoughts of any sort. It was a night to not remember, in the best way possible.

No sooner had the golden nectar passed my lips than another toasted was being made, “To the Colonel,  and to beer!” The glasses raised again amidst the loudest cheers yet, more so for the beer than for myself, was my working assumption.

It’s funny, you know. I may live forever, but it’s only in these moments, surrounded by friends, without a care in the universe, that I really feel alive …

Hello friends,

I trust this post finds you well. If you’re still here following my blog, thank you. I don’t deserve your loyalty, though am grateful for it. As such, you’re the first to hear my new track entitled “Reborn”. Why? Because I love music, and I still love Eve Online. Music is primary method for self-exploration, for making sense of the changes in life, a pure outlet for expression. That hasn’t changed with age.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and Roc’s, as they continue to unfold.


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