“Oh for the love of crap!” I screamed in pain. It felt like I had been lashed with a metal whip.

1 more set of lat pulldowns
1 snapped cable
1 raised and bleeding welt across my collar bone and chest


They had replaced the broken cable in the gym only a week earlier. The “new” one was frayed and was more difficult to pull, but I figured it would just add to the workout. I had warned the facility management several times that it would snap and there would inevitably be a lawsuit. They had laughed.

On the one hand, I’m thankful it was me that it happened to. I liked to think I was tough enough to handle pain. On the other hand, I wish it had been someone else so I didn’t have to waste half my day sitting in the medcenter waiting to be told it’s a welt but nothing was broken, which I knew.

I just wanted to go visit management after this and share my own special brand of pain with them.

I just wasn’t having a good week with cables.

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