Campaign Trail: Shady Dealings

Sometimes I felt like I was doing it right. That’s a great feeling that I held onto until the next crappy thing came along. Shakor’s words still echoed in my mind about my “non-platform”, about not playing the political game and pandering to the masses on a given topic. Apparently, providing a dedicated avenue of communication to the people wasn’t sexy and attractive, and Shakor’s bet, as well as many others, was against me securing a seat on the Council of Stellar Management. Continue reading

Campaign Trail: We the People

Recently I put out the question via Twitter: Why should your voice matter to the CSM? Here are some of the replies that quickly came forward.

@ROW_Skyreth They’re meant to speak for we players. No point in them otherwise.

@TheDranchsause Because the CSM is there to give a face to the voice of those who, for whatever reason, aren’t CSM.

@AzamiNevinyrall Because they relay my concerns and suggestions to CCP …

Continue reading