The AI Series – Legacy

It was a dark and stormy night across Heimatar. Roc Wieler, the legendary pilot and hero of the Minmatar Republic, was on a mission to defend a vital supply convoy from a vicious pirate attack.

Roc had faced many dangers and challenges in his long and illustrious career, but this was by far the most dangerous and difficult mission he had ever undertaken. The pirates were ruthless and well-armed, and they outnumbered Roc and his small team of fellow pilots.

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The AI Series – A Slave Once More

Roc Wieler sat in his cell, staring at the cold, metal walls that surrounded him. He had been a prisoner of the Amarr for months now, forced to work as a slave in their mines.

Roc Wieler had once been a powerful capsuleer, a Matar Colonel in the Tribal Liberation Force. But that was all in the past now. He was nothing more than a mere slave, forced to work day and night in the mines.

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The AI Series – Stay Frosty

Roc Wieler sat at his desk, staring at the holoscreen in front of him. He had just received a message from the Stay Frosty corporation, requesting a meeting to discuss a potential alliance.

Roc Wieler was a Matar Colonel in the Tribal Liberation Force, one of the most successful military fleets in all of New Eden. He had built his reputation from the ground up, through hard work and determination.

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I turned 50 this year. You died 14 years ago today. You came into my life 24 years ago, nearly half my lifetime ago.

I shake my head thinking about the numbers.

I hardly recognize the man I was when you were born. I like to think I did my best with you for those precious ten years of life you had, but when I look at who I’ve become, who I’ve grown into, what I’ve achieved, I wish you were still here to see me. I have so much more love to give than I ever thought possible.

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Full Body Push/Pull

Ok, here’s the program I did for the first six weeks of this challenge. It’s 4 days per week, so it’s quite manageable. It’s short duration, and it’s hard. Every day is a full body workout – 2 strength workouts, 2 volume workouts. Strength workouts will help you develop the strength needed to lift heavier. Volume workouts are all about making the muscles look pretty. Continue reading

Warrior Fast

Intermittent Fasting – so many flavours you’d think you’re at a Baskins Robbins. Mmmm, ice cream. I’ve seen decent results with IF over the years, but I’ve noticed when I stop fasting I immediately gain back the weight I had lost. This goes back to the idea of sustainability. What good is it if I cannot maintain it as part of a healthy lifestyle? Continue reading