Edible Shots

There must always be a balance in life. It can’t always be all work, always discipline. That’s enough to drive me insane. Me too.




  • the biggest strawberries you can find
  • at least 70% dark chocolate
  • preferred alcohols (I used vanilla vodka and Godiva liquer)


  1. Cut the point off the strawberry so it can stand on its own. The melted chocolate will help with this
  2. Melt chocolate over low heat on your stove
  3. Hull out the strawberries with a paring knife or grapefruit spoon, but not too thin that they collapse
  4. Dip in chocolate
  5. Freeze the strawberries to keep them sturdy and to keep your drink cold
  6. Let thaw for a few minutes to avoid chipped teeth
  7. Fill with alcohol (and even left over chocolate)
  8. If you’re really feeling fancy, top with whipped cream

Not something to partake in every day, but hey, if you’re going to indulge, indulge well.


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