True Story, Bro

Band of Brothers, as told by the Mittani. No bias there. I thought to myself. Just the same, reading the publicly released briefing of the incidents leading up to the betrayal and eventual downfall of Band of Brothers made for a good read.

True Stories they had called it. Regardless of how much was true it reminded me of a simple truth I did know – we all had a story to tell. I looked at the name of the writer who wrote the report. Maybe it was time to tell mine.

Test Your Might

Ok, seriously though. You run and weight train. You’ve done yoga and can almost touch your toes. So that means you’re fit, right? Well, maybe. Trouble is, there’s no definitive method for determining fitness across the board. As a result, an Ironman (Not THE Iron Man), CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder can all be fit by their own standards, but a flop outside of their specific domain. Continue reading

Five Ways to Wreck Your Workout

It wasn’t too long ago that the gyms were flocking with the New Year’s Resolution groups. Things are already starting to quiet down. Some people cannot maintain willpower long enough for exercise to become a healthy habit. For others, they simply aren’t patient enough to realize that physical results are slow to come. For others, there will never be a healthy change because they’re simply doing it wrong. Continue reading