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A martial, strong-willed people, the Brutor hold their tribal heritage close to their hearts. Strong advocates of transforming the Republic into a tribal-based government, they would love nothing more than for all seven of the Minmatar tribes to reunite as one nation. The Brutor are renowned for living regimented, disciplined lives. Despite presenting a tough, no-nonsense exterior, they are deeply introspective and “in the moment”, aware of even the smallest detail. Immersed in ancient martial traditions that begin at childhood, they are physically robust individuals and intimidating to face in the flesh.

The Brutor are a swarthy people originating from the island-ridden southern hemisphere of Matar. They are a bit larger and burlier than the other tribes, and as they favor physical prowess over anything else they can be frightening to face in the flesh.

Male Brutor present a stoic front, but are patient, vigilant, and determined. They are keenly aware of their surroundings—physically and socially—at all times. Despite their gruff demeanor, they are passionate individuals, and are capable of pursuing any task with relentless focus and determination.


Roc Wieler, like millions of other Minmatar, was a child of slavery. Brutor were especially sought after by the Amarr for their strength and endurance. Each year thousands of newborns are smuggled out of Amarr space to be raised by foster parents within the safety of the Minmatar Republic. Unfortunately, Roc was never one of them.

He spent what he remembers of his childhood toiling for his Amarr masters, weaving in and out of coherence due to the forced usage of Vitoc, a chemical used by the Amarr to produce compliance within slaves. The use of Vitoc was abhorrent to some slavers, as the slaves would die without a consistent dose of the antidote, making drugged slaves a costly expense. Obedience couldn’t be beaten into slaves after all.

In his late teens, Roc managed to escape from the Amarr Empire, though it came at great personal cost. His childhood sweetheart, the only girl that had ever seen his tenderness and gentle spirit, had died during the attempted exodus, leaving Roc heartbroken, angry, and bitter against the Amarr moreso than anything his childhood as a slave had already instilled within.

The next several months/years/decades were a blur, fighting against Vitoc addiction, enduring and surviving the Capsuleer process, cutting his teeth as a mercenary in Hrober – this period of Roc’s early immortal life is dark and clouded. To this day he still hasn’t put all the fragments of his memory in order, often sharing his stories and thoughts out of sequence. It frustrates him not to remember. It scares him not to remember.


It didn’t take long for the eternal squabblings of the Republic and the Empire to erupt into another great war. At the forefront was Roc Wieler. He had already spent much of his lives as a pod pilot hunting down Amarr where he could – the thrill of having his enemy gather to be shot at was too much for him to resist.

Quickly rising through the ranks of the Tribal Liberation Force, Matar Colonel Roc Wieler became a recognized symbol of hope and inspiration for his people. As his record shone, his fame grew with his people, making him the poster boy of the Republic, and gaining the attention of  the ruling prime minister Maleatu Shakor.


As the Empyrean War revealed itself to be nothing but a waste of time and resources, neither side ever exerting any influence over the other, Roc became bitter once again, resigning his commission and seeking to ride the wave of his success within the private sector.

Under the tutelage of Maleatu Shakor, Roc joined the Ushra’Khan Alliance, while also focusing on what would become a failed political career.

Then came the fall of the Ushra’Khan alliance, leaving Roc without a home to call his own. Feeling alone in this universe once more, he accepted the strings pulled by Shakor to re-enlist in the war effort at his previous rank of Matar Colonel.

And that is where our story continues …

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