Huge Beast – Day 76


Build Chest & Triceps. There had been a few complaints about how many dumbbells I usually had littered around myself to accommodate the various exercises within the routine. The pace of the program was such that I had found it difficult to keep getting the appropriate weight as I went, so typically gathered everything I needed in advance. On the days when I worked out with Rob, even more weights would be missing. On that morning, the beautiful woman I had woken up beside decided to join me at the gym as well so even more weights were missing. Continue reading

Huge Beast – Day 74


Bulk Arms and Beast Abs. Interesting combination. I had achieved another personal goal during that workout. I was finally doing heavier weights, with proper form, than the two workout partners in the video. To be quite frank, they were more built than I hoped to be, so to realize I was pushing harder and stronger than them was quite motivating. Continue reading