Huge Beast – Day 74


Bulk Arms and Beast Abs. Interesting combination. I had achieved another personal goal during that workout. I was finally doing heavier weights, with proper form, than the two workout partners in the video. To be quite frank, they were more built than I hoped to be, so to realize I was pushing harder and stronger than them was quite motivating. Continue reading

Huge Beast – Day 69


Bulk Chest. I continued to push myself to the limits. I knew this workout intimately, knew from my notes the weights I had done previously, and increased everything by 10 – 20 lbs per arm. I sat on the bench, waiting for trainer Sagi to tell me to begin, breathing with purpose, staring at myself, mentally prepping myself to push through. Continue reading

Huge Beast – Day 68


Build Shoulders. Mixing things up a bit. Now I don’t know if it was purely psychological, or maybe just positive mental reinforcement, but over those last few days I had noticeably marked improvement, specifically in my neck, shoulders and arms. Things were starting to thicken. My neck bulged at the sides, my shoulders were starting to have depth, and my arms, well my arms looked like they were ready to pop out of my shirts. Whatever the reason, it was an awesome feeling, and I continued to push hard on that shoulders workout. Continue reading

Huge Beast – Day 65


Beast Cardio. Beast Abs. Exactly what I needed. With two 20 lb dumb bells in hand I engaged in a very intense 35 minutes of cardio followed up with 11 minutes of non-stop ab work. No heavy lifting. No stress about my back. It was all body weight. A lot of plyometrics. Trust me, 40 lbs of added resistance was more than enough. Every single movement was challenging. Every single movement felt glorious. My back thanked me. Continue reading