I’m sorry

Apparently a few of you have been offended by some of my recent blunt posts. I suck at apologies, so unfuck you or whatever.


OOC: Being Superman

Nephew: Marcus Uncle, are you really Superman?

Me: I am, but you can’t tell anyone.

Nephew: Why?

Me: Because if anyone knows, it will put everyone I love in danger, including you, mom and dad.

Nephew: Ok. I can still wear my (Superman) shirt, right?

Me: Always. (smile)

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Unplugged – Coming June 1st

Every capsuleer is terrified of being unplugged; being unable to recover from the ultimate vulnerability; to be disconnected, detached, isolated; to die alone.

This latest Roc Wieler album inspired by Eve Online is something a little different than what has come before. Join Roc on a raw and emotional acoustic journey of self-discovery, which feels both warm, tender and intimate, yet surprisingly provocative.

Available June 1st from your favourite digital music store.