Huge Beast – Day 67


Bulk Arms. Here we were again. Well, time to up the weights. 


Brutally hard workout. Still not finished. Nothing left. Psyching myself out.


Before I had left that morning, I had whispered in the ear of my lover, asking her if she wanted to come to the gym with me. She had impressed me recently, having consistently made the effort to come and workout with me several mornings in a row. Considering she was the opposite of a morning person, it was quite the achievement. Her response that morning was a guttural growl, as she rolled over and cocooned in the warm bed covers.

As I struggled through the final set of one arm rows, I heard the door to the weight room open. Chancing a look up, in she walked, a big smile on her face. I was so proud of her effort and dedication. It was exactly what I needed. I pumped through the rest of my workout then spent an hour training her.


Not necessary to mention, but I want to anyway. Hot shower, jacuzzi, sauna – still the most luxurious commodity after a workout I knew.

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