Huge Beast – Day 69


Bulk Chest. I continued to push myself to the limits. I knew this workout intimately, knew from my notes the weights I had done previously, and increased everything by 10 – 20 lbs per arm. I sat on the bench, waiting for trainer Sagi to tell me to begin, breathing with purpose, staring at myself, mentally prepping myself to push through.


I felt unstoppable. I looked unstoppable. Self-perception was probably delusional, but it kept me motivated when I needed it most. Think what you will. It doesn’t really matter. Nobody could take this away from me. I had done it for me. I would finish it for me. The results mattered only to me. If others happened to see any improvements or change, so be it. I had already seen my life transformed. I was already a better man for the experience. That was victory enough.

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