Huge Beast – Day 65


Beast Cardio. Beast Abs. Exactly what I needed. With two 20 lb dumb bells in hand I engaged in a very intense 35 minutes of cardio followed up with 11 minutes of non-stop ab work. No heavy lifting. No stress about my back. It was all body weight. A lot of plyometrics. Trust me, 40 lbs of added resistance was more than enough. Every single movement was challenging. Every single movement felt glorious. My back thanked me.

I was glad to have pushed through the day prior. Following up with more stretching yesterday evening, then following up with cardio really was going to accelerate my recovery. The following day was a rest day. Things were just getting better and better. My sincere hope was that with continued stretching throughout those two days that I would be ready for the next workout … Bulk Arms.

As always, we would find out together.

Fly strong.

2 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 65

  1. I still have an indentation in one quad from a (small) partial tear years ago. Squats with just a little too much weight. That and muscle imbalances from an operation on one arm that affects well, pretty much everything… its a sobering thing to realize you will never have a pain free day in your life again.

    Wise man to play it safe in other words 🙂

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