Huge Beast – Day 71


Welcome to my personal hell. No need for pity, just leave your ego at the door.

Total Body workout. Firstly, envision yourself doing circuit training. Imagine, if you will, five exercises, 15 reps each, done back to back with no rest. Then rest for thirty seconds before moving onto the next set of the same circuit. Now imagine doing five circuits like that composed of completely different exercises for each circuit.

Still with me? Good. The next step is to imagine each and every exercise being a compound exercise. What does that mean? It means, for example, that you might be doing shoulder presses, but you’re doing them combined with deep squats. Or bicep curls combined with lunges, etc. If you’ve ever exercised and exhausted a single muscle, you know how tiring that can be. Now imagine doing that to 5 – 7 muscle groups within the same time frame it would take to exhaust one single muscle. It’s a massive hit to your cardio as well as your stamina and muscle development.

The final step to paint this picture accurately is max weight. Those five compound exercises, back to back, no rest, 30 second rest between sets? Do them as a fail set using the absolute heaviest weight you can muster.

That is the Bodybeast Total Body workout.


I collapsed back into my bed, the warm body of a beautiful woman wrapped around me as a blanket. I only wanted to lay down for a brief spell to recover. I was never one to fall asleep once I was awake anyway. It took only minutes for my exhausted body to enter a deep sleep.


She awakened me. I grumbled my reply. My mind raced, suddenly active, remembering the other personal hell I had been enduring. I had lost a logistics pilot recently from my squad and had been unsuccessful in finding anyone to replace him. Not only did that mean double duty for me most days, but it also meant brushing up on a skill set I hadn’t used in quite some time.

That day was my 11th straight day of 12 hour minimum shifts.

I’ve had people ask me why do I do it? Then they look at my results and ask me how I did it.

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