X4 Drones


It’s a funny thing, I thought to myself, reflecting on the last few months of my life. I’ve never really thought much about drones; auto-cannons are what win the day. I had to admit that somewhere within a tinkerer laughed at my self-delusion.

I had always been curious about awesome drones and their technology. Hell, I still marveled daily at the very Jovian tech that gave me eternal life. I knew men far smarter than I would ever be had spent their careers dedicated to unraveling those mysteries but secretly a small part of me dreamt of being the one to achieve that notoriety.

Regardless of my introspection, I had been busy even in my withdrawal from society. I had begun a drone business.


Drones were common usage for capsuleers, but there were many worlds where the idea of self-aware and sentient drones were beyond the comprehension of the native inhabitants. Even if we dumbed down the technology to be simple radio controlled flying machines with limited autonomous capabilities, it would send their governments and media into turmoil. The governments of course would hold back, begging us for more advanced tech than their enemies; slowly feeding decades old technology to the general public as consumer goods, but marketing it as the “Next great leap in technology”.

The activists, of course, would rally and oppose the use of drone technology for just about anything, too afraid in their ignorance to realize that drones were simply another tool to their advancement as a species. Their was never any point in trying to convince either party that perhaps their narrow views were too singular and self-serving to be truly altruistic.

Regardless, it was a way to make money, and it kept the tinkerer in me happy.



On the consumer side, we introduced small drones that could fit in the palm of your hand – rugged, stylish, fun with a low-cost of entry. Once we saw our market share increase we even brought a micro drone to market, barely larger than any local world’s coin currency. So now we give this opportunity to compare types of awesome drones – like Phantom 4 vs Yuneey Typhoon H. I can still vividly recollect the smiling faces of our customers, the joy that drones could bring.



Of course, business always wants a competitive edge, so we had to develop our little company into something more. We began offering professional videography services for concerts, sporting events, real estate. From there it was an easy leap into commercial inspections and agricultural surveying. It didn’t take long before we could employ greater technologies like lidar mapping to further cement our hold in the drone market.

Yes, I had been busy. We had been busy. You were there. Don’t you remember? Don’t you recall the wonder you experienced the first time you engaged with a semi-intelligent artificial life form?

Why not indulge once again, and visit us at x4drones.com or even better, come like our Facebook page.

Fly strong. It suddenly has a whole new context.

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