I’m still amazed


Fit Fleet Monday, time once again to share as Marcus.

There I am at a family event, trying to eat healthy, or “clean” as is the trendy term nowadays. I’m fortunate in that my family has long since given up trying to convince me that one cheat meal is ok, just indulge, or how I eat is good enough. No, they are fully supportive, realizing my willpower has outlasted theirs. In fact, some of my friends and famly have even changed the foods they prepare at family events, making healthier dishes which I feel fantastic about. Continue reading

Test Your Might

Ok, seriously though. You run and weight train. You’ve done yoga and can almost touch your toes. So that means you’re fit, right? Well, maybe. Trouble is, there’s no definitive method for determining fitness across the board. As a result, an Ironman (Not THE Iron Man), CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder can all be fit by their own standards, but a flop outside of their specific domain. Continue reading

Five Ways to Wreck Your Workout

It wasn’t too long ago that the gyms were flocking with the New Year’s Resolution groups. Things are already starting to quiet down. Some people cannot maintain willpower long enough for exercise to become a healthy habit. For others, they simply aren’t patient enough to realize that physical results are slow to come. For others, there will never be a healthy change because they’re simply doing it wrong. Continue reading

Some Food Myths

I eat right. I workout. Why am I not gaining any muscle or losing fat?

It amazes me how often I hear this question. Hell, I’m amazed how many times I asked this question before realizing everything I knew was wrong.

Let’s start with a few quick facts:

  • You aren’t eating right. You might think you are. You aren’t. Accept that now.
  • Working out and working out effectively, and with a plan, are very different things.
  • You didn’t even mention sleep. Your resting body is when you recover and build muscle.

Continue reading

Single Plate Workout



Because sometimes you don’t feel like changing plates, or moving to different machines. Because sometimes you want to laugh at me as I attempt to make you cry in new and entertaining ways.

The following workout is be performed two times per week for 2 – 3 rounds.

All exercises should be one second on the exertion phase, two seconds for the negative phase. Continue reading