CSM 8 – Marcus

In response to this post by Rhavas:

I wish I liked Roc. His player, Marcus, apparently does great music – I haven’t bought it myself but others rave. Marcus does good art. I loved Marcus’ EVE app, Capsuleer. But I can’t stand Roc Weiler. I’m sure Marcus is probably a great guy. I am very impressed with how Marcus has re-invented himself and adopted an impressively healthy approach to his real life. And Marcus will tell you that “Roc is a persona” or “Roc is a character”. The problem is that Roc keeps taking over Marcus’ microphone. And Roc is an arrogant, smarmy asshole. Roc is the guy in high school who was a football star, got all the chicks, and treated them all like shit. And Roc tragically answers every question asked of Marcus before Marcus can. Take a listen to Voices from the Void Episode 69 if you want to see what I mean. As Ripard Teg said, Marcus ”doesn’t play to his strengths as a CSM candidate.” It is my contention that this is because Marcus too badly wants Roc, not himself, to be elected. I hope someday Marcus runs from an alt, and presents himself without Roc in any way, avoiding problems with this sort of thing that others have experienced. Because Roc doesn’t want to talk about anything other than his favorite subject: Roc. And that makes Roc unelectable. Continue reading

CSM 8 Slogans

I remember the CSM 8 elections like it was yesterday. There was the usual drama and posturing, candidates backstabbing each other while jockeying for better position in the polls, none of us aware of the greater threat heading towards New Eden. Our collective arrogance and lack of foresight still makes me shake my head. I’m getting ahead of myself again.

The people had endorsed me, and I was on the final election ballot. I had been preaching the line of “Prosper or Perish by the People” and decided to put my money where my mouth was, accessing a MEME GENERATING GalNet portal where anyone could create their own slogan for my CSM 8 campaign.

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CSM 8 Final Ballot


You have met the 200 vote endorsement thresh-hold in the CSM8 pre-election. You will be included in the full election ballot.

Best Regards,

CCP Dolan


You did this. You always do this. You amaze and humble me. You keep it real.

Now it’s time to campaign. Spread the word. Assume nothing. If you want me on your CSM 8, I’m going to need to you. I can’t do this alone. My voice is but one. Together, let’s see how strong our voices carry.


Campaign Trail: Waiting on Shakor

I had been waiting in his office for nearly twenty minutes. It was a classic tactic when establishing dominance, meant to remind the one waiting that they were not in power, and therefore, inferior in position. It gave an immediate psychological advantage to the one enforcing the waiting in most scenarios. For me, it was simply time to evaluate my opponent, to garner as much knowledge as I could from my surroundings, to reveal insights into the man, possible weaknesses. Of course with Maleatu Shakor, I never knew if he was truly friend or enemy. Continue reading