CSM 8 Slogans

I remember the CSM 8 elections like it was yesterday. There was the usual drama and posturing, candidates backstabbing each other while jockeying for better position in the polls, none of us aware of the greater threat heading towards New Eden. Our collective arrogance and lack of foresight still makes me shake my head. I’m getting ahead of myself again.

The people had endorsed me, and I was on the final election ballot. I had been preaching the line of “Prosper or Perish by the People” and decided to put my money where my mouth was, accessing a MEME GENERATING GalNet portal where anyone could create their own slogan for my CSM 8 campaign.

I started the community gallery with my own contribution, but was amazed how quickly others started sharing their own slogans based on their perception of me, which I’ve collected below, and shocked at how quickly it all got out of hand. Memes are a funny thing that way. Still, as history would show, my faith in people was not misplaced.



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