CSM 8 – Your Voice Matters

Your voice matters. It’s as simple as that. Why wouldn’t your voice matter? Are your opinions and ideas not as valid as anyone else’s? Of course they are. Your experiences and understandings are just as important as the next person’s. Don’t ever let anyone make you believe otherwise, in real life, or in EVE Online.

Let me start by saying I have nothing against any large alliance personally. What I do stand against, however, is the notion that in a democratic election to represent every player the power blocs should always prevail, representing only their own interests.

What about the underdog? What about the person who will stand with integrity for you? I’m tired of your voice being ignored. I’m angry that you believe you need to blindly follow who you are told to vote for by your Alliance leaders. Do they pay for your subscription? Can they somehow magically see who you voted for? No wonder so many players are apathetic come voting time. It’s the same old routine and I think we’ve all had enough of it.

Be true to yourself. If that’s a vote for Roc Wieler, then I thank you. If it isn’t, I still thank you. You’re voting with integrity. You’re voting.

Be your own person. Get out there and “Roc Bloc” them.


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