CSM 8 Endorsement

The time has come for CSM 8 endorsements. I need 200 endorsements in order to continue forward in my efforts to secure a seat on CSM 8. As I’ve always said, prosper or perish by the people.

Please, endorse me.



Bitch, please. I’m Roc Wieler.

full answer

It’s funny, you know. When I started running for CSM four years ago, I stood on the same platform then as I do now – community. I have proven myself time and again – disciplined, honest, capable, knowledgeable, passionate, roleplayer, community oriented. These are all traits that I have always believed make me valuable to everything I do in the realm of EVE Online.

I have yet to win an election.

This year my campaign remains the same – community. The part I find funny is that as I watch Jita Park Speakers Corner to keep abreast of what the CSM 8 candidates are up to, I see more and more standing on my same platform of community.

They promise to listen to all sides of a conversation, to offer honest and fair representation to every player, to not have an agenda, etc, etc.

It almost seems as if my beliefs are no longer solitary.

Here’s the kicker, though. I’ve been standing on this platform for four years. I’ve earned my reputation. I’ve been through the fires and come through unscathed. The community knows me. When I say I will deliver, it can be depended upon.

I’ll keep this short and leave you with this:

If you are looking at candidates that represent the community, that say they will listen without agenda or bias, then pick Roc Wieler. I’ve simply been better at it for longer.


6 responses to “CSM 8 Endorsement

  1. If you don’t mind, I kind of wonder what you do in EvE. I see your previous posted as being located out of Dal. Being EUTZ I might have just never seen you due to TZ issues but I wonder. Are you active in FW or are you mainly active with alts and not so much your public face. Anyway I’ll endorse you being a Minmatar patriot and a former U’K member. Anyway feel free to drop by Eszur any day! Also props on the music.


    Kraiklyn Asatru,

    Teonusude Republic Independent Agency Division

    • I don’t mind at all. The best way to sum it up is “semi-active”. I start each morning winding down from the gym by logging in and doing some FW plexing on server up. I then login my trading alts and spend about 30 minutes enjoying the market.

      My evenings are sporadic at best, usually 2 – 3 times per week. My Saturdays are my biggest opportunity to play when real life isn’t in the way.

      Having said that, my metagame is full time. I’m always lurking/reading forums/blogs, playing with the API, messing with TriExporter to better extract and render the ingame models in 3D, etc, etc.

      My stance on community is solid because I am involved with the community, ingame and out.

      I hope that helps.

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