Huge Beast – Day 51


Pre-workout drink. The usual.


Bulk Legs. Legs are a massive muscle group. Over 70% of your muscle growth hormone are in your legs. I’ve always laughed when I see these guys with “superhero” type bodies, you know the ones – all upper body focus with tiny little chicken legs. Somehow they think that looks good and is effective. If that were true, wouldn’t the top sprinters have only massive legs and tiny little upper bodies? It would look equally ridiculous and there is no such thing as spot training. You want to be big? Train your legs.

To that end, I upped the weights significantly. I thought every single set was going to be a fail, yet my legs prevailed. They felt like tree trunks. I walked like I was drunk. It was completely awesome.


Post-workout shake. The usual.

9 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 51

  1. So, when you are at the gym are you playing your workout videos on your iPad or do you have a checklist of what you have to accomplish for that day. I am not familiar with the Body Beast workout so I’m not really sure what’s involved. Thanks

    • Great question. Bodybeast is a video series. Originally I would play it on my iPhone with my headphones in. Regardless of how great those headphones are, and they are, I found them getting in the way.

      I also have all the worksheets printed out and in a clip folder. My routine is to now lay down the binder, get the sheet ready, look at the exercises, compare to the weights from last time I did that workout, grab the dumb bells and ez curl bars I need, put my phone down on the binder, then fire up the video.

      This takes about 2 – 3 minutes.

      There is music playing in the gym, but fortunately there aren’t many there that time of day. I can always hear Trainer Sagi yelling out the reps and his 1, 2, BEAST UP! at the beginning of each set.

  2. You might want to try wireless headphones. I was constantly being driven crazy with the bud style being randomly yanked out of my ears. The sound is awesome and I will never go back to the type with the cord. You can also be quite some distance away from your headphones and still have Trainer Sagi yelling at you 🙂 I paid less than $20 for mine so you don’t have to spend a lot.

      • Yes, all external. The pair I have are built so that I can kind of wrap them around my actual ears so they are very secure. Ugh! There is no branding on them whatsoever and I can’t find them online. I bought them at Best Buy, if that helps. Sorry.

  3. Dude you got to get blue tooth stereo headphones for working out at the gym. I have the Motorola ones cost me 90 bucks 3 years ago, they have about an 6 hour charge while blasting music or whatever. Had a little difficulty using them when I first got them but got used to them and don’t ride without them now.


  4. Got some water and sweat resistant blue-tooth ear buds, since I tend to sweat like a bear you put into a sauna at a 100°C ;-).
    After the training you can wash them under clear water, keeps them nice and clean.
    Don’t know if you can get Philips over there, but if you can you might check the SHB6017

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