Huge Beast – Day 52


Completely exhausted. There was no other way to describe it. Bed was warm. Sexy woman wrapped around me was warm. I was achy, incoherent. How bad could it be to pass up one workout and enjoy some sleep? Sleep is important, right? You’ve had eight hours. Besides, is it worth going if I just go through the motions? The motions of success are better than the motions of failure. Bulk back anyway. I hate wide grip pullups. Your feelings don’t change the reality of a situation. Dammit voice in my head, stop quoting rules! I’m up! I’m up!


Pre-workout drink. Completely missed the L-Carnitine. Barely remembered to add water and nearly drank the entire thing as powder. Head was cobwebs. So unfocused.


Light weights. Go through the motions. Half ass is ok. Heaviest weights yet. WWRD? You are better than this. Sigh.


By the end of the warmup my body was ready, my mind alert. Being in the zone was actually liberating, refreshing, meditative. It didn’t matter if I was tired. It didn’t matter if I wasn’t into it. My body knew the routine, and it was ready to go. Bench Pullovers superset with wide grip pullups. Still couldn’t do a full set of the pullups, but got that much closer. Heavier weights all around. My body craved it.


Bulk back. 36 minutes of hell. Short, intense, incredible workout. I felt alive, energized, ready to tackle whatever would come my way.

This is why discipline is important. This is why forming good habits matters. This is why consistency is key. We won’t always feel up for the challenge – that’s why it’s a challenge. Never give up. Work through it, whatever it takes.

Fly strong.

4 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 52

  1. Man I’m so impressed with your disapline! Only just started following your blog but I look forward to it each day and am inspiered. So I have started my 182 lb in 182 days. Starting out at 196 lb and 27% body fat, my goals are 182 lb and 24% body fat or lower. Keep it up. I’m cheering for you! Roc rocks!

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