Eve Online in 3D – Lesson 103

Engine trails are among many of the artistic staples that have come to be known as part of the style of Eve Online. Beautiful streaming trails of energy have mesmerized us for nearly a decade. This tutorial will cover off on the most commonly used approach to creating engine trails in Cinema 4D r13, as well as a technique using the Turbulence FD plugin by Jawset Computing. Continue reading

Eve Online in 3D – Lesson 102

One of the most challenging aspects of 3D art is materials – from clean to grunge to neon and everything in between, it’s always a challenge getting the most believable and appropriate materials created for your work. While this tutorial doesn’t hope to cover all aspects of materials, it will try to cover all the basics provided to us by CCP Games within the game of Eve Online.

DIFFICULTY:EASY Continue reading


Self-absorbed, narcissistic, egomaniacal, cocky, arrogant, blowhard. Those are some of the nicer things I’ve been called on this blog by my detractors. It puzzles me honestly in some ways. I mean, if you really aren’t a fan of someone, why make the effort to come to their website, experience what they have to offer, then criticize in a non-productive way? It honestly is counterintuitive to me that people do this. If there is some form of media out there that I do not enjoy, I don’t go out of my way to experience it, only to comment on how much I don’t like it. Continue reading