Eve Online in 3D – Lesson 101

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in 3D lighting, texturing, rendering and animation. I’ve never really got the hang of modelling, but thanks to the wealth of knowledge available from the Triexporter forum group, as well as the power of interwebs, I’ve managed to get better over the years.



This lesson is the basics of extracting ship assets from Triexporter to Cinema 4D, applying basic textures and doing a render.



One response to “Eve Online in 3D – Lesson 101

  1. When loading a DDS file, if you check the “Load Flipped Vertically” box, that removes the need to do the rotate/flip operation on every image.

    Fantastic tutorial, thanks! (I realise I’m kinda late to the party, but it’s just as useful now.)

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