Self-absorbed, narcissistic, egomaniacal, cocky, arrogant, blowhard. Those are some of the nicer things I’ve been called on this blog by my detractors. It puzzles me honestly in some ways. I mean, if you really aren’t a fan of someone, why make the effort to come to their website, experience what they have to offer, then criticize in a non-productive way? It honestly is counterintuitive to me that people do this. If there is some form of media out there that I do not enjoy, I don’t go out of my way to experience it, only to comment on how much I don’t like it.


This post is for the fans. It still shocks me a little every time I say that word. I have fans. Real, tangible people out there that think what I do is ok. I’ve had tremendous support in my music, my writing, even my attempts at 3D and video. For that, I am eternally grateful and humble. I think maybe one reason I have fans is because they see past the gruff exterior and have gotten to know the real me. Maybe.

If you’ve met me at Fanfest, or had me hound you into accepting some Roc memorabilia, then you know I appreciate my fans. Signed autographs for charity, WWRD bracelets, and other fun things hopefully for next year’s Fanfest Silent Auction.

I’ve recently just finished updating the headshot I send to my fans. Since you’re here, you get to see it.

– created in Maxon Cinema 4D 12 (v13 has a physical renderer I am very excited about!)
– custom morphed M4 figure from DAZ 3D
– custom texture
– total render time = 4 hours, 52 minutes

A high-resolution, 300 dpi version can be downloaded HERE if you’re interested in printing one out for yourself, but sadly it won’t be signed.

If you want a Roc swag basket (not really a basket, and contains mostly non-swag), drop me an email here, and I’ll be happy to send something out your way.

Thanks again. Even without fans I would continue doing what I do, but knowing it is appreciated makes it that much more rewarding.

PS. If you really want to start the “Cult O Roc” or “A Town Called Roc”, let me know. I really enjoy these fun and interesting ideas.

12 responses to “Fandom

  1. “You’ll need to email your mailing address then”

    And have you come kick my ass??? HA, I may not be bright but Im not stupid…..wait…. yeah that.

    Seriously I wouldnt have fun with you if I wasnt a fan!

  2. You said: “It honestly is counterintuitive to me that people do this”.

    Not at all. people love to complain. People love to argue. Just look at the whole “someone is wrong on the internet” meme. People love to create villains to revile, even WWF wrestling knows this. Perverse? Yes. Unexpected? Not at all.

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