Roc’s November Challenge

No, it doesn’t involve moustaches.

thoughtfulHe had reached out to me after I was summarily dismissed from the assignment. I hadn’t responded, which wasn’t like me.

Spear Lieutenant Carroll was a good kid. He reminded me of myself really, well a me that could’ve been had I not been raised as a slave on an Amarr planet, nor spent most of my lives ravaged by war, but his personality, his general demeanour, his looks; he reminded me of me. Poor kid. I hope it worked out better for him.

Only days before the end he had asked me for a program to help him beef up his chest. He had faithfully endured my last challenge, the month long pull-up challenge (how’d you do btw?), and actually had come back for more. Good on him.

xfitThere’s really no fancy way of saying it. It’s time for pushups. Pushups are a near perfect exercise. If you were to spend your efforts on only two things, it would be squats and pushups.

The lolo company makes a great series of applications. I’ve used many of them. The idea is that they sync your exercise pace to music, inducing a natural rhythm that actually makes exercise more fun and yields greater results.

I can’t say enough about them.

So go download the XFit Pushup App and have a good month.

2 responses to “Roc’s November Challenge

  1. You mean that Pull-Up challenge where I still can’t even do the first set of? 😀

    However, I am now up to at least two chin-ups (four when I’m rested), from zero about two months ago, so I’m not too unhappy.

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