Single Plate Workout



Because sometimes you don’t feel like changing plates, or moving to different machines. Because sometimes you want to laugh at me as I attempt to make you cry in new and entertaining ways.

The following workout is be performed two times per week for 2 – 3 rounds.

All exercises should be one second on the exertion phase, two seconds for the negative phase. Continue reading



I kick the third attacker in the stomach again. This time I catch him in the solar plexus. I can see his eyes roll into his head as the wind is knocked from him. He’ll be down for the count.

I still can’t shake free from the vice-like grip the first attacker has my arm in. He has his entire body weight behind the shoulder lock, and I can feel it tearing at the joint. I am distracted by the foot long knife blade whipping towards me by the second attacker to be able to disengage.  Continue reading