Huge Beast – Day 76


Build Chest & Triceps. There had been a few complaints about how many dumbbells I usually had littered around myself to accommodate the various exercises within the routine. The pace of the program was such that I had found it difficult to keep getting the appropriate weight as I went, so typically gathered everything I needed in advance. On the days when I worked out with Rob, even more weights would be missing. On that morning, the beautiful woman I had woken up beside decided to join me at the gym as well so even more weights were missing.

Instead, I used 30, 40, 50 lb dumbbells, and had Rob do the same. Most of the early morning gym goers didn’t use those heavy weights. Let me tell you something, trying to do incline chest flies with that amount of weight was excruciating. I persevered and finished with proper form, but damn if I would do that again.


Off to another long day of mismanaged corporate responsibility. I was seriously getting sick of it and didn’t know how much more of it I could take.

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