Huge Beast – Day 75


Beast Cardio. On its own. Interesting.


It’s amazing how when you’ve really spent the time understanding why the routines you do work, how easy it is to improve on them to meet your own challenge levels. For example, in Beast Cardio, there is a weighted Burpee 60 second set. The Beast says use light weight, maybe 10 lbs per arm, and there is no pushup in the burpee, nor jump. I decided I could push myself harder. I used 25 lbs per arm, added the pushup as well as a military shoulder press to straight jump in the air as high as possible. I also maintained tempo with the program which meant I was doing my enhanced form of the exercise at the same speed as their regular form. Ow. My cardio felt it. My entire body felt it. It was awesome.


Jacuzzi finished. It was time to go play in my hangar with optimizing a Tulwar fit.


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