Huge Beast – Day 50


Pre-workout drink. Razor 8, Tribulus, Arginine, BCAA, Carnitine.


Day One of Week Five of the Bulk Phase of the Huge Beast portion of the Bodybeast program. What a mouthful. 

There’s many schools of thought regarding learning by hearing. My belief is that what you hear will inherently stick to your subconscious. Be careful of what you say to others and to yourself. I try to treat each day of working out as Day One, meaning I’m eager, I’m excited, I’m full of confidence and belief in myself, and I’m ready to push myself beyond my self-imposed limitations.

Bulk Chest. You got this. I say to myself out loud. You can do heavier. You can do better.

I struggled through the last round of close grip chest press/chest flies. That’s the max weight fail set. I could feel it all the way through my chest and arms. My hands were cramping. I got over it.

Seems I was right about myself. I had a phenomenal workout with the heaviest dumbbells I’ve used to date. Am I good and sore? You betcha. Is it going to be even worse tomorrow? More than likely. Will I be back at the gym for more? Without a doubt.


Post-workout Drink. Dark chocolate almond milk, skim milk, casein protein, whey isolate protein, banana, egg whites, glutamine, CoQ10, Vitamin D, odourless garlic.


A quick, hot shower and I’m ready for duty.

It was commented to me recently about how it’s insane the hour I get up. “There’s a 5:30 AM?” one person said sarcastically. Accept no excuses. I have no other reliable time of day where I know with certainty I will be able to take care of myself. Make the time. If it’s important enough to you, you will. Whatever it takes.

2 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 50

  1. Hey Roc,

    following your blog since I found the capsuleer app for my Ipod back in 2009? (not sure about the date though).
    Thanks for the never ending flow of insights, oppinions and rules 😉
    Keep it up like this and…

    only 40 more days to go

    BR Qumar

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