OOC: Jawbone UP 2.0

It was just as I was entrenched in the midst of last year’s Fanfest that Jawbone released the UP, a fitness bracelet that would monitor sleep, motion, help me track what I eat, motivate me with team goals, and I was very excited.

As soon I returned home from Iceland I hunted for the UP, and the iPad, but that’s another story. I got my UP and for the months afterwards was incredibly excited.

Then it broke.

I read on several forums and user groups about the hardware issues plaguing the UP wristband, and in this day and age of horrible customer service, my heart sank at the money wasted.

Lo and behold, Jawbone surprised me, and everyone else, in the best way possible. As they diligently worked through the kinks of their faulty product, they did the following unparalleled things in the world of business and customer service:

  1. They publicly apologized.
  2. They refunded the full wristband cost to EVERYONE that had purchased one while letting you keep the band for FREE.
  3. They replaced any faulty unit for the entire year’s warranty, no questions asked.

I’m on my third UP wristband. It’s my only alarm clock. The silent vibration has proven itself to provide me with better sleep. I recently lost the little jack cover and Jawbone replaced it quickly, free of charge.

They must have lost a lot of money on this product. Know what they have gained? A lot of loyal customers through their efforts at exemplary customer service.

Today, November 13th, my Jawbone iPhone app had an update. I read the What’s New for the app to discover that the UP Wristband 2.0 has been officially released.

Quickly I scanned the internet for information on pricing, improvements and where I could buy it. It’s more expensive than the previous model but still in line with the other, crappier competing products out there.

Then I read the last line of the article and my mouth literally hung wide open.

Jawbone will be providing all owners of the 1.0 UP wristband with a 2.0 version FREE OF CHARGE.

So not only did they refund me my money. Not only did they replace my band every time it broke, but now they are giving me the upgraded version of their product for no cost at all, not even shipping.

Jawbone, sincerely, you’re doing it right. Businesses need to look at this shining example of stellar customer service and maybe then they will understand why I am now brand loyal for life.

3 responses to “OOC: Jawbone UP 2.0

  1. Didn’t know about this, seems worth a look when it comes out. And I guess they took a gamble on moments like this where they gain more customers through your positive comments on both product and service.

    PS Typing with one hand sucks, gorram fractured clavicle!

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