Huge Beast – Day 33

And on the thirty-third day, Roc rested.

Quite honestly, I could have used the rest.

Instead, I swapped out my rest day as I was taking a very special lady planetside for a few days during my well earned leave time. I’d always liked beautiful women, and she was all that and more – she put up with my crap and still let me touch her. What can I say? I’m a romantic at heart.

Bulk Chest, one of my favourites. I loaded up the weights, heavier than last time, and proceeded to enjoy the intense workout. I even ignored the young capsuleer that walked in halfway through. I was in a “pilot only” gym, hoping to see a smaller crowd, and it had been only me up until that point. Still, if he left well enough alone, I could simply finish my workout then go enjoy my weekend.

The pilot was better built than me, and younger, but it was quickly evident after watching a couple of his very sloppy sets of three that he was part of that new generation of pilots that simply purchased a muscular clone. It was the latest rage. Why earn what you could simply buy? His skin was still pod smooth, and I smirked in amusement as he struggled through his useless movements. Kids.

I returned my focus to finishing my own workout, not wanting to completely break my rhythm and focus, and was using ten pound dumbbells when I noticed the kid was already finished and leaving, his numerous dumbbells scattered all over the gym floor. Oh how I hated the ignorance and selfishness of youth.

I stood up quickly, and being between the exit door and the kid, tried to speak politely regarding the issue.

“It’s common courtesy to put your weights away when you’re finished.” I mentioned, again, trying to be nice. I was a nice guy after all.

“Go back to your ten pounds, old man.” he replied derisively, glancing towards the dumbbell still in my hand.

Now I have to find a new gym.

It’s amazing what a mere ten pounds can accomplish when beat into someone’s face repeatedly.

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