Huge Beast – Day 32

A good workout reminds me of being in my pod. Both provide me with a serene and tranquil state of being. I am isolated, focused, connected between mind and body in a way that almost transcends description. I feel at peace within myself. My consciousness expands beyond the small spec of me and finds its place in the greater universe. I have clarity. I have direction. In that state there is nothing I can’t do.


Bulk Shoulders. Up the weights on some exercises. Drop the weights on others to maintain form yet retain challenge. Progressive sets, while the most daunting portion of these workouts, also provides the greatest sense of accomplishment. Push harder. Whatever it takes.


Why keep pushing myself? I’ve been absolutely exhausted from this program. I’m not a young man anymore. It’s been costly – mentally, physically, emotionally, financially. Why do it? The motivational answer is because I want to be healthy, be all that I can be, yadda yadda. Does it really matter? I’m immortal. I have the luxury of cloning into healthy bodies with each occurrence of coming to an untimely demise.

I look in the mirror and am honest with myself. It’s pure vanity. I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like the way others look at me, the way they respond to me. I like that being healthy has enabled me to do more, to accomplish more, to influence more. I like the challenge. I like the rewards. I like having stamina …

I also like that it takes very little effort.

What do you mean, Roc? I’ve read your logs. It seems like it takes a lot of effort, each and every moment of each and every day of the rest of your life. Well, sure, if you only read the words.

Read deeper.

Each workout I do takes less than an hour. An hour is 4% of my day. I give 100% for 4%. Get it? I’m not at the gym 6 hours per day. I’m not even there two hours per day. There are a lot of myths floating around. This is why I timestamp. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. At least when it comes to working out.

Have you ever watched my 4 Minutes of Hell videos? I need to make more, yes, but the point is you can completely destroy yourself in only a few minutes. I mean that in a good way. Hell, I’ve done 18 minute workouts that have left me unable to do anything except pant while collapsed.


Create quality to improve quality.

5 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 32

  1. I won’t deny that it’s a great feeling when you see results in good lighting. Muscle bulge can even let you know just where you should be after a good workout. But I’ve also seen how people respond to strength in others. Sadly people are different when they face someone noticeably weaker, or whether they look formidable in the most primal way. Why do men measure each other this way? It’s just in most of our nature. It takes 2 seconds. It saddens me, to see it, that others, while submissive and light hearted with some, are massive jerks to the next person. You see people differently, when you eliminate the parts of your being that are judged as inferior in that immediate moment. You also feel an incredible confidence when you see that those parts don’t fall short to others that could be dangerous by envy, or out of pure relishment in maliciousness. Sometimes being the bigger dog helps everyone stay out of trouble. Glad I’m catching up with these posts.

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