Huge Beast – Day 23


Got to sleep nice and early at 2030 last night. It didn’t matter. Today was Bulk Legs.


Well, I learned some new and devastating moves. I’m always grateful for that when they actually prove effective, and these were definitely effective. Every workout on this program seems to offer some new level of ouch. I’m always grateful for that as well.


You may not know this about me but I live by own rules as much as possible. I fail at times like anyone else but it doesn’t deter me from always making the effort to do my best. One simple rule is I always take stairs two at a time. I don’t run up them. I don’t hop. I don’t let my knees turn outward. I don’t lean forward. I keep my back straight and slowly walk up stairs. It’s a rule. I tried doing that after my workout today. My foot kicked the first step in front of me and I stumbled onto my hands. I had to break my rule and have been walking up steps one at a time. You know it’s a good workout when …


I checked in with Roc’s Day 90 Challenge private Facebook group. It’s a small group but there seems to be a lot of motivation and inspiration going around which makes me happy.

I haven’t heard from you in a while. It makes me wonder honestly if you’re reading this and just remaining silent or if you’re skipping by these posts altogether because they’re not your style of EVE Online post or if you think perhaps a healthy lifestyle isn’t for you at this point in time.

Regardless, I rely on you for motivation sometimes so please speak up.

4 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 23

  1. I may not be going huge beast, but at least I’m working out again. Will probably do it big when I can get the supply of casein protein to aid in recovery. Damn bills.

  2. Ah, the legs…. I bailed on the side-2-side squats. Couldn’t (or didn’t complete them). I did however get my workout in between 8-9, instead of waiting until after 9am. I did that because of a client call I had. Of course, that was after getting only 3 hours of sleep because of working too much last night.

    All in all, not a great start. My legs feel like tree trunks though. Ouch.

    Not that I’m counting but there are 52 workouts left in the Beast program. Ok, I am counting.

    • Yeah I felt like I was doing crab walks for the side to side squats. Killer. What really did me in was the progressive lunge sets … and the front and back lunge sets … and the rest of it. I agree with ouch.

  3. I sometimes don’t know if I read these posts to motivate myself, or because of a masochistic streak, seeing that I have hard time cracking even as few as 15 pushups (I’ll keep working on it).

    On the other hand, after a day of paintball last sunday I was still sprightly enough on my feet to be guessed a decade(!) younger than I am actually am (probably also because they couldn’t see the wrinkles around my eyes 🙂 ), so it’s nice to know that I am doing at least something right.

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