Huge Beast – Day 24

Trainer Sagi,

I hate you. My body thanks you. One day I will be able to do three sets of ten wide grip pull ups. One day soon. Beast > Roc. For now. That is all.

With Respect,

Colonel Wieler


Bulk Back, as devastating as any of the other workouts I had done in the Bulk phase of the Bodybeast program. We all have strengths and weaknesses, parts of our body that require more focus and attention than others. For me, I had always had strong legs. They looked good. They felt good. My back and my arms were the trouble areas and I always pushed myself harder when exercising those parts.


Standing heavy bent over rows followed immediately by ten wide grip pull ups. Brutal. Beastly even. Third set in, I’m drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, back quivering as I drop the weights and head for the last set of pull ups. The Beast gives no mercy, no rest. I jump up and grab the overhead bar wide, taking two quick breaths, focusing on my form – chest up, drive the elbows down and back. This wasn’t about arms or shoulders, though they would be engaged as a secondary muscle group. This was about getting a huge back, and quick.

Three repetitions into the set, I pulled up for all I was worth, gritting my teeth, exhaling forcefully, my mind set to conquer my body’s protests. A sledgehammer hit me between the shoulder blades as my muscles knotted into a tight, dense, excruciatingly painful ball. I dropped from the bar like a sack of potatoes, screaming in agony. I laid on the floor, tears streaming from my face, contorted in an unnatural position. The regulars at the gym first just looked at me as they always did, “There’s that crazy guy again.” It took an eternity before someone clued in that something had gone terribly wrong for me.

Rob came running over, knowing I wasn’t ok. He helped me to my feet and for the next half hour I proceeded to stretch out my back something fierce. Rob didn’t leave my side. I was truly grateful.

Needless to say, I didn’t finish the workout. Fail.


After an exquisite hot shower, I slowly dressed and headed back to my quarters. The first thing I did was find a heated massage unit and applied it to my back. It’s going to be tender for a while and I will have to be careful with it.

We all have our limitations and while we should never allow them to dictate our successes, we should be mindful of their reality.

7 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 24

  1. Oh dear! Are you ok? Apart from the ‘it’s going to be tender for a while’?
    Have these sort of things happened to you before?
    I know, or at least get the feeling, that you know how the body and muscles work and can react, but have you thought about going to a massage therapeut or equivalent if it persist and let them take a look/fix it some?

    • Never really had a pull like this, no. I’ve been stretching almost every ten minutes throughout the day to keep it from completely stiffening up. Getting a Registered Massage Therapist to work on me this afternoon.

      • Glad to hear that you went to a massage therapist! I hope she/he can speed up your recovery quite a bit. I for one would be very interested in hearing what he/she did/told you to do, provided you have the time and energy for it 🙂
        I am, as a massage therapist myself, interested in how they work across the atlantic 🙂

        I will however be a bit boring and advoce you to be cautious with doing tpt on yourself with these kind of injuries unless someone has told first hand how it works and what to do. If you do it wrong you could trigger a reaction in the muscles that would cripple you for some time and unless taken care of quickly could be a real pain in the ass to get rid of.

        I hope you will have a quick recovery

  2. Too bad I got to this late. I’ve torn ligaments in my right hip socket and torn my bicep muscle twice (same arm). The first one, I had a slip during a lung on some slick grass and my full weight landed on a locked knee. I felt the tinge, knew I was hurt, but was told to run it off and I caused major damage with continued running. The coach had told me the pain wouldn’t be bearable if it was anything serious, and it really did hurt like hell. Adults don’t expect kids to have high pain tolerance thresholds. Bad on some of them. That injury took me out of the season and required 2 months of some kind of electro stimulus therapy. …

  3. Sorry for the break. Where was I. Ah, I ripped my bicep both times arm wrestling! My welder friend that doesn’t work out thinks he’s naturally stronger than me and I’m too proud to back down from his challenges, and it’s hard to find us together sober and not retard drunk. Thus partly the reason this happened twice. I beat that bear both times, but got the worst of it afterwards. Had to put the heavy weights down for over a month each time, with barely what could be considered warm ups to keep me by. I tore it because I had failed to keep my routine up regularly, and my arm suffered a surge of pressure and heavy constant stress on a cold muscle. I could barely pick up the lightest boxes at work the next day. The cold sweat and pain suck. I didn’t suffer permanent damage, but I could see how someone could by ignoring these with silly toughness and stubbornness. Listen to your body. Stay strong.

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