Huge Beast – Day 22


Good looked I checked last night after taking my Phase I pictures. There is no rest day. Lovely. This morning marked the beginning of the six week bulk phase, and it started with chest. Let me tell you something, though the workout would only last 38 minutes, progressive sets suck.

What is a progressive set you ask? Today the progressive set was incline bench press.

  • 15 reps = 30 lbs
  • 12 reps = 50 lbs
  • 8 reps = 70 lbs
  • 30 second rest
  • 8 reps = 70 lbs
  • 12 reps = 50 lbs
  • 15 reps = 25 lbs

By the time I had finished that set my legs were twitching up and down of their own accord, shaking uncontrollably. I know, I’ve said that before. This was different. Dumb bells involve engaging all your stabilizing muscles – your core, your legs, your glutes, your shoulders, and most definitely your chest. I’m a littler nervous about tomorrow and also very excited.


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