Advent Celebration – Dec 14th

“What do you want for Christmas, Colonel?”

The question literally stunned me. I honestly hadn’t given any thought to receiving gifts; I had been so caught up in the pursuit of joy from giving. How was one supposed to actually ask for a gift? Didn’t that inherently defeat the premise? A gift was a reward for a good boy’s behaviour, not something demanded in advance? To me it was like asking for the promotion in advance of doing one’s duty; it just wasn’t done.

Maybe I still had this Christmas thing messed up.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: What do you think would be the best present for Matar Colonel Roc Wieler, and why? Post in the comments below, or email me at

I will announce today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to Swearte Widfarend, whom has won a PLEX, care of CCP! I would also like to express sincere gratitude to the many wonderful and suitable ideas everyone came up with today. It really makes me feel good to know that Roc has developed such a rich and engaging backstory of his own that readers of this blog are actually able to know the man on a deep and personal level.


PRIZE: $100 US Racial Gift pack from the Eve Online store

TASK: Create a holiday video for your fellow Eve Online players

17 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 14th

  1. Colonel’s life is dedicated to war in hopes of brining peace, the use of violence when necessary to make a time when it is unnecessary. Roc sacrifices his entire existence to this goal, to the point of putting his own happiness on the back burner. He has let the necessity of violence define him into something he needs to be, rather than wants to be.

    Peace is the best gift for Colonel Roc Wieler.

  2. I believe roc should get a radio channel sponsered by ccp to be able to broadcast over eve to spread your message across the universe

  3. A complete set of the infamous “Rankin & Bass” Christmas shows such as, Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, Jack Frost, Santa Clause is coming to Town! I believe these ancient vids would help Col. Wieler with his mixed emotions about Christmas. Oh and my personal favorite, The little drummer boy!

  4. For him to be able to spend Christmas partying with ALL his friends.
    Why? So he can enjoy the wonderful holliday having got this gift and being able to share his joy with his friends.
    That or a package containing all types of fleet issue ships.(by package I meen they’ll all be in the station he most recently docked in.)
    Why? So he can enjoy Christmas blowing away tons of Amarr on the holidays.

  5. Of course the best present for you would have to be a new uniform, nicely pressed and adorned with festive decorations to ring in the holiday spirit. Nice green tights, little woolen green vest, pointy toed shoes and a lovely little hat!

  6. I personally think Roc best deserves a hot Matari babe in a cute yet strong Mrs. Clause costume after an excellent feast with lots of beer and food!

  7. I think that the perfect gift would be a Mimir BPO, since well, the mimir is about as close as you get to a complete badass one of a kind minnie ship, and Roc Wieler is a unique one of a kind badass minnie pilot, A match made in heaven.

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