OOC: Awkward Fun with Sin

sinSindel Pellion – Beautiful, talented, generous, a real sweetheart both ingame and out. If you haven’t heard of her, go learn about her. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m even more fortunate to be able to call Sindel a friend. Her and my wife got along famously at the last Fanfest we attended, and we keep trying to make plans to visit Sindel and Bagehi at their home in Florida. Sin and I get to talk via Skype every now and then; mostly my fault it doesn’t happen more. So when I see the Happy Birthday notification for Sin in Skype, of course I have to do something about it.

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Advent Celebration – Dec 14th

“What do you want for Christmas, Colonel?”

The question literally stunned me. I honestly hadn’t given any thought to receiving gifts; I had been so caught up in the pursuit of joy from giving. How was one supposed to actually ask for a gift? Didn’t that inherently defeat the premise? A gift was a reward for a good boy’s behaviour, not something demanded in advance? To me it was like asking for the promotion in advance of doing one’s duty; it just wasn’t done.

Maybe I still had this Christmas thing messed up.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: What do you think would be the best present for Matar Colonel Roc Wieler, and why? Post in the comments below, or email me at adventcelebration@gmail.com.

I will announce today’s winner at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to Swearte Widfarend, whom has won a PLEX, care of CCP! I would also like to express sincere gratitude to the many wonderful and suitable ideas everyone came up with today. It really makes me feel good to know that Roc has developed such a rich and engaging backstory of his own that readers of this blog are actually able to know the man on a deep and personal level.


PRIZE: $100 US Racial Gift pack from the Eve Online store

TASK: Create a holiday video for your fellow Eve Online players