Advent Celebration – Dec 13th

What a party that turned out to be. Not a body went hungry, not a glass went empty. In what was cynical expectation on my part, of the dozens that said repeatedly they wouldn’t miss the occasion for anything, less than a dozen actually showed up. Yet my bitterness ended up not mattering, as a wonderful time was had by all.

As the evening continued on I came to a very sobering and humbling realization about my friends. Though many of them had few things in common, and they all came from different walks of life, the commonality between them was sincerity.

All of my friends were genuine and real people. They was so no duplicity, backstabbing, or fakeness in any of them.

For that, I realized just how very grateful and fortunate I was, and as my heart filled to three times its normal size, I thought maybe I had started to stumble upon what Christmas Spirit was truly about. It wasn’t about the gifts, or the spending; it was about creating and sharing memories with those dear to your heart. And while I thought I was lacking in the means to enjoy the season’s festivities, I had never been so thankful to be proven wrong.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: We’ve been doing many things for this contest series, some funny, some not, but today is a good day for me overall, so today I would like to see everyone share their fondest Christmas memory.

Post in the comments below, or email me at Today’s winner will be announced at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to James, today’s winner, whom has will be featured in the next Epic Celebrity Deathmatch against Nashh Kadavr, to be podcast in 2010!

9 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 13th

  1. Turning on the Christmas tree lights for the first time each year. Not just for the normal reasons, either – my family are huge Star Trek fans, and we have 13 starships – from the Enterprise from the original series to the Enterprise-E to a Klingon Bird-of-Prey to a Borg Cube… and since a bit over half of them make sounds, when the Christmas tree gets turned on there’s quite a bit of noise.

    My personal favorite would probably be the Borg Cube, simply because it says “We are the Borg. Enjoy your holidays. Resistance is futile.”

  2. My fondest memory would have to have been last year. This was my first year of college and therefore, away from home. I hadn’t seen many of my family for several months, so this was probably the first time I’ve not cared at all about presents and such and really just enjoyed the company of family. And I honestly can’t think of a better Christmas I’ve had.

  3. My fondest Christmas memory would have to be spending it at our family farm with my dad and his girlfriend, laying on the couch (my favorite spot) because it closest to the warm fire in our cold cabin. Slowly drifting off to sleep and waking up to my dads voice telling me to look outside and see a brilliant snow storm taking place. I will never forget that weekend

  4. As a family tradition, we always go to my grandmother’s house for midnight mass. We have quite a large family, with probably around 20 people showing up just for the midnight mass. We get there early and drink coffee and hot chocolate, and then go listen to christmas carols at the church. These midnight masses are one of my favorite Christmas traditions in the family, but one in particular from when I was young sticks out in my mind. Right around midnight when I was probably 7 or so, there was a large knock on the roof of the church. My parents managed to convince me it was Santa on his sleigh. Still one of my favorite memories.

  5. My fondest Christmas memory was putting the star at the top of the tree for the first time. I was very excited and dropped it the first time trying to fit it on the top but with some help from my dad, I was able to get it up there. Then with the flick of a switch, the lights came on. I will never forget that Christmas.

  6. Last Christmas was my first Christmas as a father. My wife’s dad dressed up as Santa and brought gifts to his own house, and my 9 month old daughter didn’t cry – she even sat on Santa’s lap.

  7. 4 years ago, was my first christmas back after I’d moved out of the house. I only came home on the condition that we try not to argue, and everyone made a great effort. We actually made it the entire week before christmas, and 3 days after without anyone getting into an arguement. It hasn’t had a repeat performance, but with a large family, I feel that I got lucky that once. We all got together as a family, and we were all nice to each other, and no one screamed, or anything. I guess it’s what some functional families christmas’s feel like.

  8. Cristmas I got my first gameboy. I unwraped it and was in love. It was the old grey box o plastic my hands barely made it around it’s exterior. Tetris was my first game and the odd shape boxes mesmerized me. 4 hrs later my mom asked me to teach her how to play. It was the first time I had shown my parents how to do anything. 15 min later I left her with the gameboy. She played for 6 hrs tell my dad ripped it out of her hands for dinner. To this day every phone that you can play games on she gives to me and says get me tetris.

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