Advent Celebration – Dec 13th

What a party that turned out to be. Not a body went hungry, not a glass went empty. In what was cynical expectation on my part, of the dozens that said repeatedly they wouldn’t miss the occasion for anything, less than a dozen actually showed up. Yet my bitterness ended up not mattering, as a wonderful time was had by all.

As the evening continued on I came to a very sobering and humbling realization about my friends. Though many of them had few things in common, and they all came from different walks of life, the commonality between them was sincerity.

All of my friends were genuine and real people. They was so no duplicity, backstabbing, or fakeness in any of them.

For that, I realized just how very grateful and fortunate I was, and as my heart filled to three times its normal size, I thought maybe I had started to stumble upon what Christmas Spirit was truly about. It wasn’t about the gifts, or the spending; it was about creating and sharing memories with those dear to your heart. And while I thought I was lacking in the means to enjoy the season’s festivities, I had never been so thankful to be proven wrong.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: We’ve been doing many things for this contest series, some funny, some not, but today is a good day for me overall, so today I would like to see everyone share their fondest Christmas memory.

Post in the comments below, or email me at Today’s winner will be announced at 10 PM EST.

Congratulations to James, today’s winner, whom has will be featured in the next Epic Celebrity Deathmatch against Nashh Kadavr, to be podcast in 2010!