Advent Celebration – Dec 12th

It wasn’t that I minded all the parties associated with Christmas, not at all. Any good Brutor welcomed the chance to drink their face off. It was more that while I enjoyed the company of my brethren, I really didn’t have many Minmatar friends. Sure, I knew a lot of Matari, but most were  under my command and not really friends.

It seemed that night was my turn to host the festivities, and the party itself was being thrown in my honour. To me, it was a lot of pressure to live up to, but looking back I am thankful for learning both how to be a gracious host, and how to interact better in social gatherings. These traits served me well in later years.


PRIZE: ???

TASK: Yeah, so I suck at Christmas, and at parties. Today’s task is to come up with some fun and engaging Christmas party activities/games that will amuse and entertain my guests tonight.

I will need to announce the winner early tonight, and I apologize for that. I will announce tonight’s winner at 6 PM EST.

Thanks to everyone for coming up with some fantastic ideas quickly. Today’s randomly selected winner (I am stating that now as someone thought maybe it was by favourtism) is Rettic, whom has won himself a 50% off code from LoneTrek Hosting, a really good hosting solution provided by a really genuine Eve player who simply wanted to offer better services to those in need of them.

Congratulations to Rettic, and depending on how exactly hungover I am, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

7 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 12th

  1. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay
    Supplies: List of Christmas Carols, paper and pen and people willing to sing

    I’m at work until the contest is over, and since you need these submissions for actual use, here’s one idea with a link to the web page I stole it from with a more complete writeup. God bless the iPhone.
    X-mas pictonary
    Team member race to receive the name of a Christmas Carol which they must get their team to recognize and then sing. The first team to have all team members complete the task wins.
    Game details and instructions

  2. Game that easy to play, but if your friends have a good sense of humor and are creative, you can get each other rolling laughing pretty quickly. It’s pretty much Balderdash, but we call it Dictionary:

    – Person X finds a word in a dictionary that has an obscure name or meaning that others probably wouldn’t know. They read the word (not the definition) aloud to the group.

    – The others each separately write their own “made up” definition of the word, while X writes down the actual definition from the dictionary. Everyone passes their slip of paper to X.

    – X then reads each definition aloud, in no particular order, with a straight face. After all are read aloud, each person in the group pics which definition they think is the actual one from the dictionary.

    – Person X then reveals which is the real definition. Every player gets 1 point for each person that chose their definition as the real one, including person X.

    – Points are awarded and dictionary is passed to next person for next round.

    Game is fine and all, but the best part are the definitions people write. A few examples I remember from past games I’ve played. I don’t remember the terms, just the definitions:

    “A hotdog shaped pillow.”

    “A derogatory term for a squirrel with no family.”

  3. There’s always the Ring a Bell game. Basically you get a bell and everyone at the party takes a turn ringing it. When they ring it, they say “I’m looking for a person that is ‘blank'” or “I’m looking for someone that has a ‘blank'”. You can also make them answer trivia if you want.

    It’s pretty flexible, and has the added bonus of allowing you to get to know people.

  4. I suck at organizing parties, so I’ll just take the sorta-cheating option of stealing one of my favorite games from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” – Questions Only. Split the party into two teams. Two players at a time (one from each team) enact a given scene speaking only in questions, while the other players wait “off-stage.” If either player speaks in a non-question, or takes too long to respond, they are replaced by a new teammate. First to burn through their entire team loses, though you can simply just rotate people through until they get bored. (Proper amounts of alcohol helps this game go from simply funny to friggin’ hilarious.)

  5. Have a eggnog drinking contest.
    Pin the toy sack on santas back.
    Bob for apples.
    See who can pick the different candycan out of a stack of the same candycanes.
    See who can draw the coolest sleigh.
    (These were the best I could come-up with.)…..

  6. Money is involved ideas

    Guess the present
    Everyone loves to shake presents but how good are they realy. Buy a few non breakable gifts and wrap them in boxes it makes the game most interesting when they make a odd sound when shaken.( pistatios, legos, anything metal) then your guests take turns shaking the gifts to try and guess what’s in them. Who ever guesses correct gets the gift.
    Another way to do put odd shape items in a stocking and have people feal there way to victory. Both ways come up with some very funny answers.

    Guess the drink
    I have only played the achoholic version but I supose you might be able to do it nonalchoholic.
    Everyone picks a drink this is best done with 5-10 people or teams. They then make a drink for each of the other teams. One at a time the teams sip the drinks given to them and try to guess the drink or all the ingrediants in the drink.
    1 point if you guess ano

  7. Maybe play a type of pictionary, but use Plato, or other molding type of material and make it 3D and Eve themed, what ship is this? “well it’s half done, so Ima have to say it’s an amarr BS”

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