Advent Celebration – Dec 5th

What did you get for Christmas? Was it something nice?
I’m sitting here in Casualty, my face is packed with ice.

I dread it every Christmas, they never give me toys,
Daddy will get drunk again, his nights out with the boys.

I know he doesn’t mean it,  he’s far to drunk to know,
He hits me hard for nothing, and bruises always show.

A Christmas to remember, the policemen had to call,
They took my Dad away this time, he said I’d had a fall.

He’s really done it this time, an ambulance had to come,
That’s why I’m sitting here in Casualty, waiting with me Mum.

Sometimes life is unfair. We all know this. So what is it that keeps us holding onto hope? Why do we search for better days, better meaning in every breath?

In the end we’re very temporal creatures, even capsuleers. Eventually, we will breathe our last, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; and in the grand scheme of the universe, we are but a speck of sand on a vast beach, meaningless and inconsequential.

Ho ho ho!


PRIZE: ???

TASK: Not much time left today to complete the task. Again, life is unfair. Today’s task is to help a noob in the harsh universe that is EVE Online. Have your noob send confirmation via screenshot, copy and paste dialogue, or however you can verify your help, and have them post here in the comments or email me at

I will be announcing today’s winner at 10 PM EST, as always.

Sorry for the late announcement of today’s winner… Hallan Turrek!

Hallan has won himself 100 million in poker chips at Eve Online Hold’em. Hackzor has won himself 50 million isk, care of yours truly.

2 responses to “Advent Celebration – Dec 5th

  1. Hackzor nstuff > Hey, where’s a good place to buy my ship?
    Hallan Turrek > Jita’s usually got good prices.

    hallen turrek helped me find a good place to buy stuff

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