CSM 8 – Final Thoughts


Voting has come to a close. Every candidate takes a deep breath, clenching and waiting, hoping they make it into one of the fourteen CSM seats.

Some have no stress about it, knowing with almost certainty they will be on the team. Some assume they won’t make it and deal with the worst case scenario. Getting a seat would be a welcome surprise to them.

Then there’s me. My fourth attempt.

When I started running for CSM a few years back it was on the same platform of community I have always stood on. I will always stand on. CSM had become another vehicle to exploit and abuse by the Goons. Some would say to the game’s benefit, some would say to its detriment. My opinion is that it sullied the democratic process.

We all saw the eventual results of Goon leadership.

Each year it was the same old, same old – candidates standing on a single platform, promising changes, getting elected then not delivering. Yet the players still bought it every time. It amazed me. It stupified me. I still to this day don’t understand how anyone thinks a single candidate can deliver on game changes for the area of interest they have as the CSM is not game developers. Period. End of discussion.

Anyway, onto the now.

This CSM election had something different. It had other players standing on the platform of community. It had candidates representing multiple issues, focusing on listening to players, being the go between to CCP and back. I got to know a lot more candidates this year. I’ve spent time talking with many, before interviews, on Skype, through other forums. It’s been rewarding for me.

I care about our game. Holistically. Win or lose, I am convinced this next CSM will take great care of our game.

I think Mynna will be excellent, as will Kesper North. I think Ripard Teg is phenomenal, as is Ali. Psychobitch, while the roleplayer in me cringes at the name, will be a good CSM member. I have nothing but good things to say about most of this year’s candidates. Most of them.

Would the CSM be better with me on it? Of course it will and I am hopeful for one of those 14 seats, make no mistake. The drive, passion, commitment and level of enforced discipline I bring to the table cannot be ignored.

Yet I am ok if I don’t make it. I have no worries over the future of our game. That is why this will be my final run for CSM unless CSM 8 has grossly misrepresented themselves and ol’ Roc needs to step up one more time to keep everyone accountable for their actions.

Also remember I had a voice long before running for the CSM. I will continue to have a voice regardless. Every voice matters. Never forget that.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for believing in my efforts, especially this time round. This last year has been one of tremendous growth in many aspects of my life, and I am privileged to have had you all along for the ride. I hope we continue this journey together for many more years to come.

Fly strong.

One response to “CSM 8 – Final Thoughts

  1. “Also remember I had a voice long before running for the CSM. I will continue to have a voice regardless. Every voice matters. Never forget that.”

    Neva forget.

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