Campaign Trail: Crossing Zebras

There is often a misconception regarding politics – that it is a game played by soft, old men that can no longer play war. That is a naive and foolish viewpoint.

As a pilot, I have worried about my single immortal life during intense frigate fights. I’ve worried about myself and my crews in larger vessels I’ve commanded. I’ve worried about ground troops overtaking enemy territory with my limited support from orbit as I help my financiers expand their planetary operations. I really shouldn’t say worry as that’s not entirely accurate. I’ve been aware. Awareness is crucial.

I have had limited influence over lives, a small responsibility in the grand scheme of things. I’ve ended Amarr lives in the war ; I’ve lost friends and lost myself. My sphere of influence has been but a speck of sand within the endless beach of the universe.

As a CSM politician, it’s a whole different level of risk. It’s beyond reputation and reward, it’s about influencing every capsuleer in the universe, thereby having an indirect effect on the trillions of lives within New Eden. It’s macrocosm compared to microcosm, and not everyone has my broad shoulders to bear that burden.

I’ve done several interviews during my previous campaigns to secure a chair on the Council of Stellar Management. Compared to the interrogation I experienced at the hands of Xander Phoena, they were a walk in the park. Tough questions, to the point, no holds barred. Phoena had researched me well prior to the interview. We talked about my “unique” platform, my previous election failures and what I thought went wrong. We talked about my GalNet quote “we were all a bunch of pathetic losers” which will haunt me for the rest of my days, I’m sure. We talked about intimate, personal details of my life as well as where I fit into the bigger picture.

Here’s the thing about tough questions though. You either crumble, or you rise to the occasion. I’ve never backed down. I never will. I answered everything thrown at me with passion, truth and the same straightforward bluntness that has made me who I am today, for better and worse.

Xander, once again, thank you for the opportunity. You conduct interviews very well.

If you have thirty minutes to spare because you are serious about casting your vote for CSM 8, please listen to the interview and be informed.


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