July: In the Spotlight

Every now and then there were those few that still appreciated ol’ Roc. That made me feel wanted, and feeling wanted is always a good feeling. It doesn’t matter who you are, receiving the validation of your peers for the efforts you make is always encouraging.Firstly, I had the privilege of being featured for a Q&A session with EVE University. I had never done anything with this format before, sitting in an in-game channel reading player question and comments, listening to Neville Smit as he interviewed me. It was really quite something, and in typical Roc fashion, we ended up all over the place in the conversation.


Secondly, I got to chat once again with Xander Phoena on Crossing Zebras. The last time I was on CZ was during my run for CSM 8 when Xander grilled me. Many of my fans thought he was harsh and that it was uncalled for and worried he might have made me uncomfortable, but geez, suck it up kids, I thought it was awesome! If you can’t answer the hard questions quickly and truthfully then your integrity should be questioned.

Anyway, it was at Fanfest 2013 that Xander and I really became friends, and I spent a good part of my time there drinking with him and Jeg. They are both awesome guys in real life and I hope for the opportunity to enjoy their company again some day.

Of course, the long-legged and absolutely sweet and sexy Sindel Pellion was on the show as well, and that is always a special treat for me. She is so talented, and so sincere, and so confident yet humble. Again, she is someone I sincerely consider a friend, which is not to be taken lightly.

To be honest, much of the show ends up being her and Xander as the emerging nullsec wars were a topic of lengthy conversation and I simply don’t have the hands-on knowledge or experience to be involved, but I did get to contribute from a high level tactical point of view.

Just the same, it was a blast. Thanks Xander and Sindel for that.


And finally I want to mention one piece of fanmail I received this week as a result of the CZ show:

Listened to ya on the Zebras podcast today and just wanted to say thanks for motivating me.

Over the last 1.5 years I lost 100lbs but have slowly let a lot of it creep back on. My girlfriend and I both got memberships today to the Gym and have scheduled our first trip, though she initially balked at me asking her to get up at 6am to work out 😉

Anyway, don’t mean to bother ya, just wanted to say keep up the good work, little things you do effect others, always remember that. Butterfly Effect and all.

Again, validation from my piers. Since reading this email I’ve redoubled my own efforts at the gym using this as fuel to push myself even harder. Thanks again for continuing on this journey with me.

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