Fandom Officially Released

fandomI’ve not been one to spam you with stuff, but today I am going to do just that, and for a very good cause.

CCP Games and I worked on holding an open audition contest to become the lead vocalist on my next album. Some people entered. There was some judging involved. After a rapid fire two months of remote studio sessions with the winner, an album was finalized.

THAT ALBUM IS AVAILABLE NOW. Can’t get it from Amazon? It’s also available on iTunes and over 32 other digital distributors like iTunes, CD BabyGoogle Play, Simfy, Rhapsody, Spotify and more!

Why should you care? Because the profits from that album go to CHILD’S PLAY charity.

Please, spam the shit out of this. Share it on Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter. Instagram and Pinterest the album cover. Tell your family and friends. Whatever it takes.

Buy it. Buy it again just because. Post about it. Review it. Share it. Create banner ads for it. Even if it’s not your style of music, I’m asking. With all my heart.

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