Iceland 2013 – Day 2

Well, I had a really nice, heartfelt post written but WordPress for iPad sucks balls and the entire thing evaporated without even an AutoSave draft. Well done, WordPress. Well done.

Basically, I had another great day with my wife. My evening and night were spent getting progressively more drunk while spending some real face to face time with players and devs alike.

Managed to get back to my hotel room and collapse beside my beautiful wife. I was asleep within minutes.

Sorry, I would try to re-write the entire thing, talk about Scotsmen kissing me and showing me their junk, tell you about the wonderful player that shared his story with me and how I was an inspiration, talk about some of the things I was fortunate to discuss at length with devs, or a heartfelt moment Alex “The Mittani” and I shared, or how truly good it was to see Mark Heard aka “Seleene” or how I really need to learn CCP Dolan/Michael Bolton’s real name, or any number of things that occurred, but I’m angry at WordPress right now.

Still, it was a great day and I look forward to many more before this is over. I wish you were here. We’d have good times together. That much I promise.

And my wife’s point of view.

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