Iceland 2013 – Day 3

I submerged myself into the steaming liquid, the surface oils working their way into my skin. Only my nose remained above the surface as the purification began. As I slowly emerged nearly half an hour later, I felt like a new man, no longer horrendously hungover from the night before. I sat in the steam room, smiling at the miracle cure of Icelandic hot springs.

Most of today was time well spent with my wife. Shopping. I suppose that should’ve been one uninterrupted sentence to lessen the appearance of sarcasm as we truly had another great day together.

The evening was also interesting. Firstly, I was at the #tweetfleet get together at the Celtic Cross. It was good to see familiar faces like Seismic Stan as well as meeting new faces like Rixx Javix. Finally! The Mittani also made an appearance, which was actually great because my wife is a fan of his and it was good the two of them to finally meet face to face. It was really good times all around.

Yeah, I mentioned my wife. She was immersed into my world, Roc’s world. It was a little terrifying. She’s always been supportive but never been directly involved. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her, or from a bar full of gaming nerds like me. Fortunately, she had an absolute blast and it set the tone for the remainder of the night.

We left the sweet tweetfleet meet and greet to attend the EVE Online symphony concert. It was good. Don’t get your panties in an uproar. I think the orchestra performed remarkably well. I think CCP RealX deserves every moment in the spotlight as this was surely an achievement and probably quite surreal.

I deeply enjoy the EVE soundtrack. I also deeply enjoy orchestral music. The problem I had with this concert was that EVE is ambient electronica and the conversation to live orchestral just didn’t translate well for me. I am fortunate in that I compose that style of music. I like to think I have an ear for it and it just didn’t quite seem exciting to me. It lacked the fullness I come to expect from things like Star Wars, Superman, Jurassic Park and other epic scores. That’s my problem. If this had been an EVE movie, I would’ve found the music lacking.

Again, don’t get butt hurt. It was a great concert. I’d see it again. I enjoyed it. I just think both CCP Real X’s work and the EVE soundtrack deserve more.

We headed back to the Celtic Cross after the symphony only to find it packed to the gills. We headed down to the normally busy Iceland bar only to find it relatively empty. Just the same my wife and I sat down for a drink then enjoyed a nice romantic stroll back to our hotel, where I write to you now before passing out.

Hope you had a good day as well.

6 responses to “Iceland 2013 – Day 3

  1. I enjoyed the concert as well. For me, as I am a bit of an opera junkie, I was looking to see how well the orchestra captured the emotion of the pieces, and I was not disappointed in this regard.

    The only thing I found strange about it was the complete lack of anything resembling an intro or a wrap up or thank you from the organizers. The lights went down, it started, it ended, the lights came up…

    I guess I also thought it would have been nice to put together an actual story, or at least some sort of artistic expression of the movement of time between the video being projected and the music.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it. I did. I just wanted it to be better and I really think it could have been.

    Except for the camera boom operator who kept moving the camera betwen the screen projector and the screen. He needs a stern talking to.

    I hope they do it again next year.

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